Thursday, October 28, 2004

Transcripts From Summit County Ohio

This is a must read (Akron Journal story) and kudos to for alerting all readers everywhere.

Years and years ago, my maternal grandfather was a Summit County deputy sheriff. He had been a firefighter for the city of Akron, retired, and took a job as a deputy sheriff. He was a big guy, huge, powerful, some might even say a tad on the grumpy side (I can say not so nice to 10 year old boys playing with rocks and when one "accidently" hit his car...leaving a tiny almost imperceptical scratch...well enough said).

I still have his sheriff jacket.

My gramps is in the football Hall of Fame. The reason is he was on the Akron Redpeppers, the second professional football team ever (the reason the hall of fame is in Canton is because it is home to the first pro team, the Canton Bulldogs). My brother has the team photo of the Redpeppers used in the Hall of Fame that has gramps and his brother, my great-uncle, in the picture (gramps played, great-uncle was a manager of some sort).

Gramps was a life-long Republican. So are most of my cousins, aunts, etc. on my mom's side. Ohio has had only one president, and he was a Republican, so there is a tad of generational, "we are Republicans", kinda thing going on in Ohio. People would do well to remember that. Of course, people would do well to remember that Ohio is also the home of Kent state, where they gunned down "dangerous" college students for daring to criticize a Republican president in May of 1970....hmmm....

But I have a feeling gramps would have had little time or patience for the crap that Summit County Republicans are trying to pull in the election of 2004. I am quite sure he would have had none of it. Having grown up with Republicans all around me, I learned that ideas matter, and maybe even more, behavior (such as personal responsibility, repsect for law, etc.) matters. Heck, it matters a lot.

So my dismay at the behavior of the current crop of Summit county Republicans in trying to "suppress" the vote by challenging voter registration is all too genuine.

I think I can state fairly that the behavior of Republicans in 2004 (well, ever since 1994 if the truth be told) is a disgrace and the blame for this goes directly to the party's leadership. If they condone it, either openly or by silence, then the fish is rotting from the head. I blame Bush and his cromies for turning the Republican party from one of loyal opposition to one of dysfunctional tendencies...using fascist tactics to cling to power. It makes me sick to my stomach. He has to go and the party needs a cleansing of a kind rarely seen since the great purges in the 1930's (of course I am not advocating rounding up all the little Sean Hannity's in the US and sending them to Siberia, but certainly denying them platforms from which to spew their hateful un-American rhetoric isn't too much to ask is it?).

A tip of a respectful hat to the Republicans on the County Election Board who publically diasscoiated themselves from the type of behavior Bush and his minions are actively encouraging.

Here, for your perusal, is the transcripts of the Summit County Election Board Hearing:

Mr. PRY: Ms. Miller, you filed a challenge to the voting residence of Catherine Ann Herold, who lives at 238 30th Street Northwest, Barberton, Summit County, Ohio; is that correct?

MS. MILLER: I did.

MR. PRY: And have you ever been to that residence?


MR. PRY: Do you know Catherine Ann Herrold?

MS. MILLER: No, I don't.

MR. PRY: You have indicated in this challenge form that the person - that you believe that she does not live at that residence; is that correct?

MS. MILLER: That's correct.

MR. PRY: And what is the basis for you making this challenge?

MS. MILLER: That was my impression that these items that I signed were for people whose mail had been undeliverable for several times, and that they did not live at the residence.

MR. PRY: Did you personally send any mail to Ms. Herrold?

MS. MILLER: No, I did not.

MR. PRY: Have you seen any mail that was returned to Ms. Herrold?

MS. MILLER: No, I have not.

MR. PRY: Do you have any personal knowledge as we stand here today that Ms. Herrold does not live at the address at 238 30th Street Northwest?

MS. MILLER: Only that which was my impression; that their mail had not been able to be delivered.

MR. PRY: And who gave you that impression?

MS. MILLER: Attorney Jim Simon.

MR. PRY: And what did --

MS. MILLER: He's an officer of the party.

MR. PRY: An officer of which party?

MS. MILLER: Republican party.

MR. PRY: Where did you complete this challenge form at?

MS. MILLER: My home.

MR. PRY: What did Mr. Simon tell you with respect to Ms. Herrold's residence?

MS. MILLER: That the mail had come back undeliverable several times from that residence.

MR. PRY: And you never saw the returned mail?

MS. MILLER: No, I did not.

MR. PRY: Now, you've indicated that you signed this based on some personal knowledge.

MR. HUTCHINSON: (Joseph F. Hutchinson, Jr. Summit County Board of Elections) No

MR. ARSHINKOFF: (Alex R. Arshinkoff, Summit County Board of Elections) Reason to believe. It says, "I have reason to believe." It says it on the form.

MR. JONES: It says, "I hereby declare under penalty of election falsification, that the statements above are true as I verily believe."

MR. ARSHINKOFF: It says here, "I have reason to believe."

MR. HUTCHINSON: It says what it says.

MR. ARSHINKOFF: You want her indicted, get her indicted.

MR. PRY: That may be where it goes next.

MR. HUTCHINSON: Yeah, give it a try.

MR. MORRISON: I'm going to enter an objection.

MR. JONES: Can we have you name?

MR. MORRISON: Yes. Jack Morrison. I've just been informed by Mr. Pry that an indictment may flow out of this, and therefore I'm instructing Ms. Miller to exercise her privilege against self-incrimination. She will not answer any further questions.

MR. PRY: There's no basis for this challenge.

MR. JONES: Since she's here, we're going to allow Ms. Herrold share with us -- thank you, Ms. Miller.

MS. MILLER: May I sit down?


As if you needed another reason, now you have one. Get to the polls and vote for Kerry.

Behavior of this type cannot be rewarded in any fashion.


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