Saturday, October 09, 2004

Ben Ginsberg Is Dead

Or at least I wish he was...relative to MSNBC. I can't stand the guy. Chris Matthews goes through his panel, Andrea Mitchell and Ron Reagan have relatively rational, unbiased viewpoints. Joe Scarborough knows when to call it like it is (though he did slip on Tuesday -- what's up my man?) When the question moves to Ginsberg, he always ends his break downs with a GOP talking point. I'm starting to regret us all getting rid of Luntz! Did we just trade one Repugnican for a more repugnant one? I slap myself on the forehead: "Doh!"

Is his chin sewed to his chest? He can't look strait into the camera, he can only lurk for prey. He's also got that good-ol' boy smirk down just like Gillespie, except Ben looks stunningly evil...cyborg evil.

I shiver.

President Pissy

The day after the second debate leaves me bruised and baffled. Kerry missed some open spots to really brutalize Bush on. Either he was too gentlemanly to sucker punch the President or was deliberately too busy with other pre-packaged attacks.

The most memoriable attribute of the night was Bush's anger. He genuinely seemed angry. Angry at Kerry for trying to steal his crown. Angry at Charlie for moderating. Angry at Americans who had the gall to question his policies. The world is very, very black and white in his eyes, justifying his anger. Bush can't understand why people don't get his simple ideas. Perhaps they're too simple, they leave out any room for the grey areas in an unpredictable world?

I hope people are generally offended. Bush's unhinged ramblings showed that he cannot control his emotions. A president has to be cool-headed and think rationally. The President is the guy with his finger on the button, afterall.

If anything revealed this more, it was his spar with Charlie:

Mr. Gibson: Mr. president, let's extend for a minute --

Mr. Bush: Let me just, well, I got--

Mr. Gibson: Let's talk about an issue of--

Mr. Bush: I got to answer this.

Mr. Gibson: Well, exactly. And with reservists being held on duty and some soldiers--

Mr. Bush: No, let me answer what he just said about--

Mr. Gibson: Well, I wanted to get into the issue about the--